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The December 2011 Newsletter is now available online at:

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The December 2011 Newsletter is now available online at:

In December’s newsletter, we feature: articles by Christopher N.
Matthews, Wendy Wilson Fall, Courtney Ng, Beth Pruitt, Kathryn Deeley
and Mark Leone; news reports and announcements; and a book review by
Abidemi Babatunde Babalola. A table of contents is set out below.

Please contact our editorial team of Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Kelley
Deetz, Christopher Barton, and John McCarthy if you have essays,
analysis papers, book reviews, project reports, announcements, or news
updates that you’d like to contribute to the African Diaspora
Archaeology Network (ADAN) and Newsletter. This Newsletter is
published quarterly, in March, June, September, and December.


** Articles, Essays, and Reports **

Editors‘ Corner — Dialogues Across the Diasporas: Intersectional
Discourse and the ADAN

Introduction to an Extract from War of the Pews: A Personal Account of
the St. Augustine Church in New Orleans, by Rev. Jerome G. LeDoux,
S.V.D., by Christopher N. Matthews

Crocodiles from Katsina to Madagascar, by Wendy Wilson Fall

New Windows on the Past: An Analysis of Glass Artifacts from New
Philadelphia, by Courtney Ng

New Outlets for Old Foundations: Archaeology in Annapolis and
Web-based Outreach, by Beth Pruitt, Kathryn Deeley and Mark Leone

** News and Announcements **

Rio’s Cemetery of „New Blacks“ Sheds Light on Horrors of Slave Trade,
by Tom Phillips

End of Archaeological Surveys Hides History, Some Say, by Robert Behre

Archaeology Field Schools

Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau, an Exceptional Scholar

New Books: The Materiality of Freedom: Archaeologies of
Postemancipation Life; The Creolizing Subject: Race, Reason, and the
Politics of Purity; John Brown Still Lives! America’s Reckoning With
Violence, Equality, and Change; Kentucky Rising: Democracy, Slavery,
and the Culture from the Early Republic to the Civil War; Exhibiting
Blackness: African Americans and the American Art Museum; Funerals in
Africa: Explorations of a Social Phenomenon

** Call for Papers and Fellowships **

CFP: Dave the Potter, Dave Drake

Eurotast Fellowships

** Book Review **

Review of „West African Archaeology: New Developments, New
Perspectives,“ by Abidemi Babatunde Babalola