Vorstellung: Library of Glissant Studies (LoGS)

​Die Library of Glissant Studies (LoGS) ist ein kollaboratives Open Access Projekt, welches die Arbeiten von und über den martinikanischen Autor Édouard Glissant (1928-2011) sammeln und online zugänglich machen möchte: „The Library of Glissant Studies is a unique tool that draws on Alain Baudot’s 1993 Bibliographie annotée d’Édouard Glissant (Annotated Bibliography of Édouard Glissant) which contains more than 1300 references. LoGS is a multilingual database dedicated to making texts by and about the Martinican author Édouard Glissant accessible and widely available. The objective of LoGS is to centralize information, in whatever original languages they may have been produced, on Glissant’s work and thought in an open access gratis website, linked to multiple physical and digital archives which contain his manuscripts, and other printed and multi-media materials.“

Eine ausführliche Vorstellung der LoGS finden Sie hier.

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