Oxford: Annual Conference of SoCaRe

GB: Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies 2012

Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th July 2012 +++ University of Oxford
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UK: Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies 2012
Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th July 2012
Rewley House and Kellogg College
University of Oxford

Further information and registration access: http://www.caribbeanstudies.org.uk/conference/nextConference.htm

For further queries please contact the Conference Coordinator, Lorna Burns, at societyforcaribbeanstudies@gmail.com.

University of the West Indies: Journal of the Department of Behavioural Sciences

The new online, peer reviewed Journal of the Department of Behavioural
Sciences (JDBS)  from the University of The West Indies, St Augustine
Campus, Trinidad and Tobago is pleased to announce the launch of its
first issue.
The theme of this inaugural issue is „Debating Multiculturalism“ and can
be accessed here: http://journals.sta.uwi.edu/jbs/index.asp

ACH 44th Annual Conference

The 44th Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians will be held in Willemstad, Curaçao from Sunday, May 13 to Friday, May 18, 2012. Registration will open on Sunday afternoon and sessions begin Monday morning.
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ANN: African Diaspora Archaelology Newsletter

The December 2011 Newsletter is now available online at:

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The December 2011 Newsletter is now available online at:

In December’s newsletter, we feature: articles by Christopher N.
Matthews, Wendy Wilson Fall, Courtney Ng, Beth Pruitt, Kathryn Deeley
and Mark Leone; news reports and announcements; and a book review by
Abidemi Babatunde Babalola. A table of contents is set out below.

Please contact our editorial team of Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Kelley
Deetz, Christopher Barton, and John McCarthy if you have essays,
analysis papers, book reviews, project reports, announcements, or news
updates that you’d like to contribute to the African Diaspora
Archaeology Network (ADAN) and Newsletter. This Newsletter is
published quarterly, in March, June, September, and December.


** Articles, Essays, and Reports **

Editors‘ Corner — Dialogues Across the Diasporas: Intersectional
Discourse and the ADAN

Introduction to an Extract from War of the Pews: A Personal Account of
the St. Augustine Church in New Orleans, by Rev. Jerome G. LeDoux,
S.V.D., by Christopher N. Matthews

Crocodiles from Katsina to Madagascar, by Wendy Wilson Fall

New Windows on the Past: An Analysis of Glass Artifacts from New
Philadelphia, by Courtney Ng

New Outlets for Old Foundations: Archaeology in Annapolis and
Web-based Outreach, by Beth Pruitt, Kathryn Deeley and Mark Leone

** News and Announcements **

Rio’s Cemetery of „New Blacks“ Sheds Light on Horrors of Slave Trade,
by Tom Phillips

End of Archaeological Surveys Hides History, Some Say, by Robert Behre

Archaeology Field Schools

Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau, an Exceptional Scholar

New Books: The Materiality of Freedom: Archaeologies of
Postemancipation Life; The Creolizing Subject: Race, Reason, and the
Politics of Purity; John Brown Still Lives! America’s Reckoning With
Violence, Equality, and Change; Kentucky Rising: Democracy, Slavery,
and the Culture from the Early Republic to the Civil War; Exhibiting
Blackness: African Americans and the American Art Museum; Funerals in
Africa: Explorations of a Social Phenomenon

** Call for Papers and Fellowships **

CFP: Dave the Potter, Dave Drake

Eurotast Fellowships

** Book Review **

Review of „West African Archaeology: New Developments, New
Perspectives,“ by Abidemi Babatunde Babalola

LR: Building dialogues in the Americas

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, JULY 15 – 20, 2012

Call for Papers: http://ica2012.univie.ac.at/call-for-papers

More Information, see in the Info-Blog.

ICA 2012 Vienna !!!


VIENNA, AUSTRIA, JULY 15 – 20, 2012


Symposion 14: Social and Cultural Anthropology / Antropología Social y Cultural / Antropologia social e cultural
Chair/ Responsable / Responsável: Elke Mader
WS 1648 – Between Grotesque and Gorgeous: Postcolonial Representations of the Black Body in the Americas
Convener: Davis- Sulikowski Ulrike Universität Wien
Co-Convener: Khittel, Stefan (Institut für Internationale Entwicklung)

The Black body in the Americas has been repressed, instrumentalized, and represented in innumerable ways since Africans have forcibly been brought to the shores of the Americas . Black bodies have been abhorred, marvelled, demonized, exoticized, and admired. The 19th century was marked by the independence of Haiti and the abolition of slavery, the 20th century lead to civil rights for African Americans, decolonization of most English colonies in the Caribbean, Black resistance movements and an ever increasing visibility of Black people in public spaces throughout the Americas . The 21st century has seen the first Black President of the United States . Despite obvious political progress during the postcolonial period, the representations of the Black body draw on ancient prejudices, colonial images, and contemporary fears. The gangster, the junkie, the prostitute are but a small sample. Nevertheless, ever more often positive associations are also represented: the athlete, the beauty queen, or – the president. Postcolonial approaches have engaged with yet other interpretations of the body – based on Bakhtin and Fanon the body has become a prominent focus of debates on resistance and representation. The pivotal function of ‚the gaze‘, intrinsically linked to the infamous double of repulsion and desire, has received particular attention in contemporary research on the body as in the works of Stuart Hall, Paul Gilroy, bell hooks, Achille Mbembe and many others in their discourse on hegemonic strategies and counter-hegemonic struggles. In this panel we want to engage in a lively, interdisciplinary debate on historic and contemporary forms of representations of the Black body, be they based on empirical ethnographic and archival research, or cinematographic, musicological or in general visual analysis. We also welcome theoretical contributions to this topic.

Crossroads in Cultural Studies

The 9th International Conference ‚Crossroads in Cultural Studies‘ will be held in Paris, France, from July 2-6, 2012, hosted by Sorbonne Nouvelle University and UNESCO.

Further information in the Info-Blog in the membership-area, via Link.


We are pleased to announce that the 9th International Conference /Crossroads in Cultural Studies/will be held in Paris, France, from July 2-6, 2012, hosted by Sorbonne Nouvelle University and UNESCO.

The city of Paris has a long and complex history as a crossroad between cultures and peoples. Paris has played an important role in the development and circulation of the works of authors and thinkers that have shaped the postcolonial imagination in a significant way. Drawing on their tradition of comprehensive and critical thought, the organizers seek contributions in the form of papers and panels that will continue to examine the intersection between culture, power and knowledge from within the framework of Cultural Studies.

The conference will also be hosted by UNESCO, the international organization that has always championed cultural diversity and difference. Given the long association between Cultural Studies research and UNESCO, this conference should be an occasion for Cultural Studies to look back on its own evolution as well as explore new scholarly insights.

World-class Keynote Speakers from all over the world*will address the conference at keynote and plenary sessions. Among them, *Sarah Ahmed*, *Marie-Hélène Bourcier*, *Jeremy Gilbert*, *Achille Mbembe*, *Walter Mignolo*, *Bobby Noble*, Ph*aedra Pezzullo*, *Françoise Vergès*. With the participation of *Stuart Hall*and *Jacques Rancière*(to be confirmed).

*State of the art conference topics*. All topics relevant to Cultural Studies, especially new and innovative areas of research are welcome.

*Submit your proposal now USING THE ONLINE FORMS**! *The call for papers and organized panel proposals is now open. Check the submission guidelines and submit a proposal using the online forms on www.crossroads2012.org <http://www.crossroads2012.org> before September 30th, 2011.

*ACS Assistance Scheme for Crossroads 2012**.*The Association for Cultural Studies will offer a small number of grants to assist participants from ACS under-represented regions with travel accommodation or registration expenses.

*Attractive and convenient accommodation in the heart of the city of Paris and close to the conference venues*. Cheaper campus accommodation will also be available close at hand at the International Paris University Campus.

*Spread the news*. Please forward this message to your colleagues and friends! We look forward to seeing you in Paris in 2012!

Prof Éric Maigret(Conference Director) on behalf of the National and Local Committees

*/Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris/*

Website: http://www.crossroads2012.org
Contact: crossroads2012@univ-paris3.fr

ACH: Call for Papers for 44th Annual Conference at May 13, 2012

Die 44. Jahreskonferenz  der Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH) findet zwischen Sonntag, dem 13. Mai und Freitag, dem 18.Mai 2010 in Willemstad, Curaçao statt.

Weitere Infos zum Einreichen der Papers oder dem Vorschlagen von Panels im Info-Blog des Mitgliedsbereichs, via Link.

CfP: 44th Annual Conference

The 44th Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians will be held in Willemstad, Curaçao, from Sunday, May 13, to Friday, May 18, 2012.

Further information about how to propose either an individual paper or a panel in the Member-ship-Area, via Link. (several languages).