CfP: African Diasporic and Indigenous American Religious Traditions: Continuities, Intersections and Global Impact

Indigenous and African Diasporic communities practice spirit-based religious traditions throughout the Americas. The core of these traditions is indigenous or African but they also absorb elements of colonial traditions, especially from Catholic, Protestant and Freemason sources. Indigenous and African Diasporic traditions have also had contact with one another. African Diasporic spirit-based religious traditions include Vodou, Santería, Candomblé, Palo Monte, Kumina and others, and are practiced in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the entire Caribbean, the United States, Canada and beyond. Since pre-Columbian times, indigenous communities have practiced spirit-based religious traditions (sometimes called “Shamanism” or “Shamanic practices”) throughout the Americas. Those communities include, for example, the Mapuche, Matsigenka, Avá-Chiripá, Inuit, Cubeo, Warao, Baniwa and others in countries like Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, the United States, Canada and others. Still struggling against the effects of colonialism, indigenous and African Diaspora spirit-based religious traditions stand today as major world religions. However, in spite of their importance for humanity, not enough is known about them, their interactions, and their local and global impacts.


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